PASCAL - Pattern Analysis, Statistical Modelling and Computational Learning

Year: 2002


Human female attractiveness: waveform analysis of body shape Martin Tovee, P. Hancock, Sasan Mahmoodi, B. Singleton and P. Cornelissen Article Item not available online. (04 October 2002)
How do monkeys view faces?—a study of eye movements? Kun Guo, Robert Robertson, Sasan Mahmoodi, Yoav Tadmor and Malcolm Young Article Item not available online. (01 June 2002)
A pairwise alignment algorithm which favours clusters of blocks Elisabeth Gassiat, Elodie Nedelec, Thomas Moncion, Bruno Bossard, Guillemette Duchateau-Nguyen, Alain Denise and Michel Termier Article Item not available online. (2002)
An Online Support Vector Machine for Abnormal Events Detection Manuel Davy, Frederic Desobry, Arthur Gretton and Christian Doncarli Article (2002)

Conference or Workshop Item

VIRTUOSE: a VIRTual CommUnity Open Source Engine Marco Benini, Fiorella De Cindio and Leonardo Sonnante Conference or Workshop Item Item availablity restricted. (2002)

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