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Results on the PASCAL challenge "Simple causal effects in time series"
Ivan Markovsky
In: NIPS 2008 Workshop on Causality, 12 December 2008, Whistler, Canada.

Approximate low-rank factorization with structured factors
I Markovsky and M Niranjan
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 2009.

Total Least Squares Methods
I Markovsky, D Sima and S Van Huffel
In: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics Computational Statistics . (2009) Wiley .

Algorithms and literate programs for weighted low-rank approximation with missing data
I Markovsky
(2009) Technical Report. eprints, Southampton, UK.

Matrix centering and low-rank approximation
I Markovsky
(2009) Technical Report. eprints, Southampton, UK.