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Causal Reasoning by Evaluating the Complexity of Conditional Densities with Kernel Methods
Xiaohai Sun, Dominik Janzing and Bernhard Schoelkopf
Neurocomputing Volume 71, Number 7-1, pp. 1248-1256, 2008.

Relating the Thermodynamic Arrow of Time to the Causal Arrow.
Armen Allahverdyan and Dominik Janzing
Journal of Statistical Mechanics Volume P04001, pp. 1-21, 2008.

A Single-shot Measurement of the Energy of Product States in a Translation Invariant Spin Chain Can Replace Any Quantum Computation
Dominik Janzing, Pawel Wocjan and Shenghui Zhang
New Journal of Physics Volume 10, Number 093004, pp. 1-18, 2008.

Kernel Methods for Detecting the Direction of Time Series
Jonas Peters, Dominik Janzing and Arthur Gretton
Proccedings of the 32nd Annual Conference of the German Classification Society (GfKl 2008) Volume 01, pp. 1-10, 2009.

Nonlinear causal discovery with additive noise models
Patrik Hoyer, Dominik Janzing, Joris Mooij, Jonas Peters and Bernhard Schoelkopf
Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2008) 2009.

Causal inference using the algorithmic Markov condition
Dominik Janzing and Bernhard Schoelkopf
Preprint archive 2008.

Identifying confounders using aditive noise models
Dominik / DJ Janzing, Jonas / JP Peters, Joris / JM Mooij and Bernhard / BS Schoelkopf
In: 25th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, 18-21 June 2009, Corvallis, OR, USA.

On the entropy production of time series with unidirectional linearity
Dominik / DJ Janzing
Journal Statistical Physics Volume 138, pp. 767-779, 2010.

Thermodynamic efficiency of information and heat flow
Armen / AA Allahverdyan, Dominik / DJ Janzing and Guenter /GM Mahler
Journal of Statistical Mechanics, Theory and Experiment Volume P09011, pp. 1-35, 2009.

Telling cause from effect based on high-dimensional observations
Dominik / DJ Janzing, Patrik / PH Hoyer and Bernhard / BS Schoelkopf
arXive 2009.

Distinguishing Cause and Effect via Second Order Exponential Models
Dominik / DJ Janzing, Xiaohai / XS Sun and Bernhard / BS Schoelkopf
ArXive 2009.

Justifying additive-noise-model based causal discovery via algorithmic information theory
Dominik / DJ Janzing and Bastian / BS Steudel
Open Systems and Information Dynamics 2009.