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A rule based approach to word lemmatization
Joel Plisson, Nada Lavrac and Dunja Mladenić
proceedings of IS2004 Volume 3, pp. 83-86, 2004.

Induction of comprehensible models for gene expression datasets by subgroup discovery methodology
Dragan Gamberger, Nada Lavrac, Filip Zelezni and Jakub Tolar
Journal of biomedical informatics Volume 37, Number 2004, vol.37, pp. 269-284, 2004.

Subgroup discovery with CN2-SD
Nada Lavrac, Branko Kavsek, Peter Flach and Ljupco Todorovski
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 5, Number 2004, vol. 5,, pp. 153-188, 2004.

Introduction : lessons learned from data mining applications and collaborative problem solving.
Nada Lavrac, Hiroshi Motoda, Tom Fawcett, Rob Holte, Pat Langley and Pieter Adriaans
Machine Learning Journal Volume 57, Number 2004, vol 57, pp. 13-34, 2004.

Relevancy constraints revisited in ROC space
Nada Lavrac and Dragan Gamberger
In: ECML/PKDD 2004, 21-25 Sep 2004, Pisa, Italy.

Avoiding data overfitting in scientific discovery
Dragan Gamberger and Nada Lavrac
In: ECAI 2004, 22-27 Aug 2004, Valencia, Spain.