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Large Margin Methods for Part of Speech Tagging
Yasemin Altun
In: Automatic Speech and Speaker Recognition: Large Margin and Kernel Methods (2009) Wiley .

Leveraging Sequence Classification by Taxonomy-based Multitask Learning
Christian Widmer, Jose Leiva, Yasemin Altun and Gunnar Raetsch
In: RECOMB 2010(2009).

Machine Learning Methods for Automatic Image Colorization
Guillaume Charpiat, Ilja Bezrukov, Matthias Hofmann, Yasemin Altun and Bernhard Scholkopf
In: Computational Photography: Methods and Applications (2009) CRC Press Online .

Learning the Similarity Measure for Multi-Modal 3D Image Registration
Daewon Lee, Matthias Hofmann, Florian Steinke, Yasemin Altun, Nathan Cahill and Bernhard Scholkopf
In: CVPR 2009(2009).

Multi-task Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Morteza Alamgir, Moritz Grosse-Wentrup and Yasemin Altun
In: AISTATS 2010(2009).

Semi-Supervised Learning via Generalized Maximum Entropy
Ayse Naz Erkan and Yasemin Altun
In: AISTATS 2010(2009).