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Including probe-level uncertainty in model-based gene expression clustering
X Liu, KK Lin, B Andersen and Magnus Rattray
BMC Bioinformatics Volume 8, 98, 2007.

Reconstruction of ancestral protein interaction networks for the bZIP transcription factors
J Pinney, G Amoutzias, Magnus Rattray and D Robertson
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Volume 104, Number 51, 20449, 2007.

A probabilistic model for generating realistic lip movements from speech
Gwenn Englebienne, Tim F Cootes and Magnus Rattray
In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (2008) MIT Press .

A Reversible Jump Method for Bayesian Phylogenetic Inference with a Nonhomogeneous Substitution Model
V Gowri-Shankar and Magnus Rattray
Molecular Biology and Evolution Volume 24, Number 6, pp. 1286-1299, 2007. ISSN 0737-4038

Statistical mechanics of learning multiple orthogonal signals: Asymptotic theory and fluctuation effects
DC Hoyle and Magnus Rattray
Physical Review E Volume 75, 016101, 2007.

Bayesian inference of the sites of perturbations in metabolic pathways via Markov chain Monte Carlo
Bayu Jayawardhana, Douglas Kell and Magnus Rattray
Bioinformatics Volume 24, Number 9, pp. 1191-1197, 2008. ISSN 1460-2059

Inference and algorithms for sparse Bayesian factor analysis
Magnus Rattray, Oliver Stegle, Kevin Sharp and John Winn
Journal of Physics A Volume Conf. Series 197, 012002, 2009. ISSN 1742-6596