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Evaluating the Inferential Utility of Lexical-Semantic Resources
Shachar Mirkin, Ido Dagan and Eyal Shnarch
In: EACL 2009, 30 March - 3 April, 2009, Athens, Greece.

Source-Language Entailment Modeling for Translating Unknown Terms
Shachar Mirkin, Lucia Specia, Nicola Cancedda, Ido Dagan, Marc Dymetman and Idan Szpektor
In: ACL-IJCNLP 2009, 2-7 Aug 2009, Singapore.

Assessing the Role of Discourse References in Entailment Inference
Shachar Mirkin, Ido Dagan and Sebastian Pado
In: ACL 2010, 11-16 July 2010, Uppsala, Sweden.

Recognising Entailment within Discourse
Shachar Mirkin, Jonathan Berant, Ido Dagan and Eyal Shnarch
In: COLING 2010, 23-27 August 2010, Beijing, China.

Learning an Expert from Human Annotations in Statistical Machine Translation: the Case of Out-of-Vocabulary Words
Wilker Aziz, Marc Dymetman, Shachar Mirkin, Lucia Specia, Nicola Cancedda and Ido Dagan
In: EAMT 2010, 27-28 May 2010, France.

A Resource for Investigating the Impact of Anaphora and Coreference on Inference
Azad Abad, Luisa Bentivogli, Ido Dagan, Danilo Giampiccolo, Shachar Mirkin, Emanuele Pianta and Asher Stern
In: LREC 2010, 17-23 May 2010, Malta.

Classification-based Contextual Preferences
Shachar Mirkin, Ido Dagan, Lili Kotlerman and Idan Szpektor
In: TextInfer 2011, 31/7/2011, Edinburgh, UK.

Context and Discourse in Textual Entailment Inference
Shachar Mirkin
(2011) PhD thesis, Bar-Ilan University.