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Information Bottleneck for Non Co-Occurrence Data
Yevgeny Seldin, Noam Slonim and Naftali Tishby
In: NIPS, Vancouver, Canada(2007).

Multi-Classification by Categorical Features via Clustering.
Yevgeny Seldin and Naftali Tishby
In: The 25th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2007), 5-8 July 2008, Helsinki, Finland.

PAC-Bayesian Generalization Bound for Density Estimation with Application to Co-clustering
Yevgeny Seldin and Naftali Tishby
In: AISTATS 2009, 16-18 Apr 2009, Clearwater Beach, Florida USA.

A PAC-Bayesian Approach to Formulation of Clustering Objectives
Yevgeny Seldin and Naftali Tishby
In: Clustering: Science or Art? Towards Principled Approaches (NIPS 2009 Workshop), 11 Dec 2009, Whistler, BC, Canada.

PAC-Bayesian Analysis of Co-clustering and Beyond
Yevgeny Seldin and Naftali Tishby
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 11, pp. 3595-3646, 2010.

PAC-Bayesian Analysis of Martingales and Multiarmed Bandits
Yevgeny Seldin, François Laviolette, John Shawe-Taylor, Jan Peters and Peter Auer
(2011) Technical Report. arXive.

PAC-Bayesian Analysis of the Exploration-Exploitation Trade-off
Yevgeny Seldin, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, François Laviolette, Peter Auer, John Shawe-Taylor and Jan Peters
In: On‐line Trading of Exploration and Exploitation 2 – ICML 2011, 2 July 2011, Bellevue, Washington, USA.

PAC-Bayesian Analysis of Contextual Bandits
Yevgeny Seldin, Peter Auer, François Laviolette, John Shawe-Taylor and Ronald Ortner
In: Neural Information Processing Systems, 12-15 Dec 2011, Granada, Spain.

PAC-Bayesian Inequalities for Martingales
Yevgeny Seldin, François Laviolette, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, John Shawe-Taylor and Peter Auer
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Volume 58, Number 12, pp. 7086-7093, 2012.

PAC-Bayes-Bernstein Inequality for Martingales and its Application to Multiarmed Bandits
Yevgeny Seldin, Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi, Peter Auer, François Laviolette and John Shawe-Taylor
JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings Volume 26, pp. 96-111, 2012.

Evaluation and Analysis of the Performance of the EXP3 Algorithm in Stochastic Environments
Yevgeny Seldin, Csaba Szepesvári, Peter Auer and Yasin Abbasi-Yadkori
JMLR Workshop and Conference Proceedings Volume 24, pp. 103-116, 2013.