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Discriminative Human Action Segmentation and Recognition using Semi-Markov Model
Qinfeng Shi, Li Wang, Li Cheng and Alex Smola
In: n IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR 08), 22-28 June 2008, Anchorage, Alaska, US.

Hybrid model of Conditional Random Field and Support Vector Machine
Qinfeng Shi, Mark Reid and Tiberio Caetano
In: Workshop at the 23rd Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems, 11-12 Dec 2009, Whistler, Canada.

Hash Kernels for Structured Data,
Qinfeng Shi, James Petterson, Gideon Dror, John Langford, Alex Smola and Vishy Vishwanathan
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 10, pp. 2615-2637, 2009.

Hash Kernels
Qinfeng Shi, James Petterson, Gideon Dror, John Langford, Alex Smola, Alex Strehl and Vishy Vishwanathan
In: Twelfth International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 14-19 Apirl, 2009, Florida.

Discriminative Maximum Margin Image Object Categorization with Exact Inference
Qinfeng Shi, Li Cheng, Luping Zhou and Dale Schuurmans
In: The 5th International Conference on Image and Graphics, 20-23 Sep, 2009, Xi'an, China.