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Semisupervised multiband segmentation for predictive proteomic analysis.
annalisa barla, bettina irler, silvano paoli, giuseppe jurman, stefano merler and cesare furlanello
In: Congress of European Proteomics Association, Feb-2007, Valencia, Spain.

A grid environment for high-throughput proteomics.
mario cannataro, annalisa barla, roberto flor, a gallo, giuseppe jurman, stefano merler, silvano paoli, g tradigo, p veltri and cesare furlanello
IEEE Trans. on Nanobiosciences Volume 2, Number 6, pp. 117-123, 2007.

Algebraic stability indicators for ranked lists in molecular profiling.
giuseppe jurman, stefano merler, annalisa barla, antonio galea and cesare furlanello
bioinformatics Volume 2, Number 24, pp. 258-264, 2008.

Machine learning methods for predictive proteomics.
annalisa barla, giuseppe jurman, samantha riccadonna, marco chierici, stefano merler and cesare furlanello
Briefings in Bioinformatics 2008.

A method for robust variable selection with significance assessment
annalisa barla, sofia mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco and Alessandro Verri
In: ESANN'08, Bruges, Belgium(2007).