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Using Discrete PCA on Web Pages
Wray Buntine, Sami Perttu and Ville Tuulos
In: Statistical Approaches to Web Mining, 2004, 20-20 September 2004, Pisa, Italy.

Topic-Specific Scoring of Documents with Discrete PCA
Wray Buntine and Kimmo Valtonen
(2004) Working Paper. HIIT, Helsinki, Finland.

The ALVIS Document Model for a Semantic Search Engine
Wray Buntine, Kimmo Valtonen and Michael P. Taylor
In: 2nd Annual European Semantic Web Conference, 29 May - 01 June 2005, Heraklion, Crete.

Topic-specific link analysis using independent components for information retrieval
Wray Buntine, Jaakko Löfström, Sami Perttu and Kimmo Valtonen
In: AAAI-05 Workshop: Link Analysis, 9-10 July 2005, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Opportunities from Open Source Search
Wray Buntine, Karl Aberer, Ivana Podnar and Martin Rajman
In: 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05), 20-22 Sept 2005, Compiegne, France.

Random Surfers versus Random Seekers
Wray Buntine
(2005) Technical Report. Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Helsinki, Finland.

Open Source Search: A Data Mining Platform
Wray Buntine
SIGIR Forum Volume 39, Number 1, pp. 4-10, 2005.

Topic-Specific Scoring of Documents for Relevant Retrieval
Wray Buntine
In: ICML 2005 Workshop 4: Learning in Web Search, 7 August 2005, Bonn, Germany.