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The cost of learning directed cuts
Thomas Gaertner and Gemma Garriga
In: ECML 2007, Oct 2007, Warsaw, Poland.

Feature Selection in Taxonomies with Applications to Paleontology.
Gemma Garriga, Antti Ukkonen and Heikki Mannila
In: 11th International Conference Discovery Science(2008).

Randomization techniques for graphs
Sami Hanhijärvi, Gemma Garriga and Kai Puolamäki
SIAM Data Mining 2009.

Banded structure in binary matrices
Gemma Garriga, Esa Junttila and Heikki Mannila
In: KDD 2008(2008).

Cross-mining binary and numerical attributes
Gemma Garriga, Hannes Heikinheimo and Jouni Seppänen
In: ICDM 2007(2007).

On mining closed sets in multi-relational data
Gemma Garriga, Roni Khardon and Luc De Raedt
In: IJCAI 2007(2007).

On Horn axiomatizations for sequential data
José Balcázar and Gemma Garriga
Theoretical Computer Science 2007.

Closed Sets for Labeled Data
Gemma Garriga, Petra Kralj and Nada Lavrac
The Journal of Machine Learning Research 2008.

Characterizing Implications of Injective Partial Orders
José Balcázar and Gemma Garriga
In: ICCS 2007(2007).

Permutation Tests for Studying Classifier Performance
Markus Ojala and Gemma Garriga
In: International Conference on Data Mining 2009(2009).

Evaluating Query Result Significance in Databases via Randomizations
Markus Ojala, Gemma Garriga, Aris Gionis and Heikki Mannila
In: SIAM International Conference on Data Mining(2010).

Machine Learning Journal special issue on Mining and Learning with Graphs
Thomas Gaertner and Gemma Garriga
(2009) Machine Learning Journal.

Multiple Hypothesis Testing in Pattern Discovery
Sami Hanhijärvi, Kai Puolamäki and Gemma Garriga
(2009) Technical Report.