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Investigating the correspondence between transcriptomic and proteomic expression profiles using coupled cluster models.
Simon Rogers, Mark Girolami, W Kolch, K Waters, T Liu, B Thrall and H.S. Wiley
Bioinformatics Volume 24, Number 24, pp. 2894-2900, 2008. ISSN 1460-2059

Probabilistic assignment of formulas to mass peaks in metabolomics experiments.
Simon Rogers, R Scheltema, Mark Girolami and R Breitling
Bioinformatics Volume 25, Number 4, pp. 512-518, 2008. ISSN 1460-2059

Two-level infinite mixture for multi-domain data.
Simon Rogers, Arto Klami, J Sinkkonen, Mark Girolami and Samuel Kaski
In: Learning from Multiple Sources, NIPS workshop 2008, 13 Dec 2008, Whistler, Canada.

Infinite Factorization of Multiple Non-parametric Views
Simon Rogers, Arto Klami, Janne Sinkkonen, Mark Girolami and Samuel Kaski
Machine Learning 2009. ISSN 1573-0565