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Graph Rigidity, Cyclic Belief Propagation and Point Pattern Matching
Julian J McAuley, Tiberio S Caetano and Marconi S Barbosa
IEEE Trans. PAMI Volume 30, Number 11, pp. 2047-2054, 2008.

Robust Near-Isometric Matching via Structured Learning of Graphical Models
Julian J. McAuley, Tiberio S. Caetano and Alex J. Smola
In: NIPS 2008, Vancouver(2008).

Estimating Labels from Label Proportions
Novi Quadrianto, Alex J. Smola, Tiberio S. Caetano and Quoc V. Le
In: ICML 2008, Helsinki(2008).

Inferring Differential Leukocyte Activity from Antibody Microarrays using a Latent Variable Model
Joshua W.K. Ho, Rajeev Koundinya, Tiberio S. Caetano, Cristobal G. Dos Remedios and Michael A. Charleston
In: Genome Informatics 21:126-137(2008).