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Learning high-order MRF priors of color images
Julian McAuley, Tiberio Caetano, Alex Smola and Matthias Franz
In: ICML 2006, 25-29 Jun 2006, Pittsburgh, USA.

Consistent structured estimation for weighted bipartite matching
James Petterson, Tiberio Caetano and Julian McAuley
In: NIPS Workshop on Algebraic and Combinatorial Methods in Machine Learning, 12-13 Dec 2008, Whistler, Canada.

Learning graph matching
Tiberio Caetano, Julian McAuley, Li Cheng, Quoc Le and Alex Smola
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Volume 31, Number 6, pp. 1048-1058, 2009. ISSN 0162-8828

Shape classification through structured learning of matching measures
Longbin Chen, Julian McAuley, Rogero Feris, Tiberio Caetano and Matthew Turk
In: CVPR 2009, 20-25 Jun 2009, Miami, USA.

Faster graphical models for point-pattern matching
Tiberio Caetano and Julian McAuley
Spatial Vision Volume 22, Number 5, pp. 443-453, 2009. ISSN 1568-5683

Hierarchical image-region labeling via structured learning
Julian McAuley, Teofilo Campos, Gabriela Csurka and Florent Perronin
In: BMVC 2009, 7-10 Sep 2009, London, England.

Exact inference in graphical models: is there more to it?
Julian McAuley and Tiberio Caetano
In: Learning and Intelligent Optimization, 18-22 Jan 2010, Venice, Italy.

Exponential family graph matching and ranking
James Petterson, Tiberio Caetano, Julian McAuley and Jin Yu
In: NIPS 2009, 7-10 Dec 2009, Vancouver, Canada.

Exploiting within-clique factorizations in junction-tree algorithms
Julian McAuley and Tiberio Caetano
AISTATS pp. 525-532, 2010.

Graphical Models
Julian McAuley, Tiberio Caetano and Wray Buntine
In: Encyclopedia of Machine Learning (2010) Springer , pp. 471-478. ISBN 978-0-387-34558-1

Exploiting Data-Independence for Fast Belief-Propagation
Julian McAuley and Tiberio Caetano
International Conference on Machine Learning pp. 767-774, 2010.