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Analysis of Fast Input Selection: Application in Time Series Prediction
Jarkko Tikka, Amaury Lendasse and Jaakko Hollmen
In: 16th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN'06), 10-14 Sept 2006, Athens, Greece.

Analysis of Linux Evolution Using Aligned Source Code Segments
Antti Rasinen, Jaakko Hollmen and Heikki Mannila
In: Ninth International Conference on Discovery Science, 7 - 10 Oct 2006, Barcelona, Spain.

Extending an algorithm for clustering gene expression time series
Mikko Korpela and Jaakko Hollmen
In: Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning in Structural and Systems Biology (PMSB 2006), 17-18 Jun 2006, Tuusula, Finland.

Sparse regression for analyzing the development of foliar nutrient concentrations in coniferous trees
Mika Sulkava, Jarkko Tikka and Jaakko Hollmen
Ecological Modeling Volume 191, Number 1, pp. 118-130, 2006. ISSN 0304-3800

DNA copy number amplification profiling of human neoplasms
S. Myllykangas, J. Himberg, T. Böhling, B. Nagy, Jaakko Hollmen and S. Knuutila
Oncogene 2006. ISSN 0950-9232

Gene Expression Profiles in Asbestos-exposed Epithelial and Mesothelial Lung Cell Lines
Penny Nymark, Pamela M. Lindholm, Mikko V. Korpela, Leo Lahti, Salla Ruosaari, Samuel Kaski, Jaakko Hollmen, Sisko Anttila, Vuokko L. Kinnula and Sakari Knuutila
BMC Genomics Volume 8, Number 62, 2007.

Modeling the effects of varying data quality on trend detection in environmental monitoring
Mika Sulkava, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Pasi Rautio, Ivan A. Janssens and Jaakko Hollmen
Ecological Informatics Volume 2, Number 1, pp. 167-176, 2007.

Gene expression and and copy number profiling suggests the importance of allelic imbalance in 19p in asbestos-associated lung cancer
H. Wikman, S. Ruosaari, P. Nymark, V.K. Sarhadi, J. Saharinen, E. Vanhala, A. Karjalainen, Jaakko Hollmen, S. Anttila and S. Knuutila
Oncogene Volume 26, Number 32, pp. 4730-4737, 2007.

Photosynthesis drives anomalies in net carbon-exchange of pine forests at different latitudes
S. Luyssaert, I.A. Janssens, M. Sulkava, D. Papale, A.J. Dolman, M. Reichstein, Jaakko Hollmen, J.G. Martin, T. Suni, T. Vesala, D. Lousteau, B.E. Law and E.J. Moors
Global Change Biology Volume 13, Number 10, pp. 2110-2127, 2007.

Predictive value of histopathologic parameters in early squamous cell carcinoma of oral tongue
Harri Keski-Säntti, Timo Atula, Jarkko Tikka, Jaakko Hollmen, Antti A. Mäkitie and Ilmo Leivo
Oral Oncology Volume 43, Number 10, pp. 1007-1013, 2007.

Microarray image segmentation using additional dye - An experimental study
Rashi Gupta, Salla Ruosaari, Sangita Kulathinal, Jaakko Hollmen and Petri Auvinen
Molecular and Cellular Probes Volume 21, Number 5-6, pp. 321-328, 2007.

Segmenting multi-attribute sequences using dynamic Bayesian networks
Robert Gwadera, Janne Toivola and Jaakko Hollmen
In: Seventh IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Workshops (ICDMW 2007), 28 Oct - 31 Oct 2007, Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

Model Selection and Estimation via subjective user preferences
Jaakko Hollmen
In: Discovery Science 2007, 1 Oct - 4 Oct 2007, Sendai, Japan.

Compact and Understandable Descriptions of Mixtures of Bernoulli Distributions
Jaakko Hollmen and Jarkko Tikka
In: Intelligent Data Analysis 2007, 6 Sept - 8 Sept 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Mixture modeling of DNA copy number amplification patterns in cancer
Jarkko Tikka, Jaakko Hollmen and Samuel Myllykangas
In: International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2007), 20 June - 22 June 2007, San Sebastián, Spain.

Long-term prediction of time series using a parsimonious set of inputs and LS-SVM
Jarkko Tikka and Jaakko Hollmen
In: European Symposium on Time Series Prediction (ESTSP 2007), 7 Feb - 9 Feb 2007, Espoo, Finland.

Smoothed Prediction of the Onset of Tree Stem Radius Increase Based on Temperature Patterns
Mikko Korpela, Harri Mäkinen, Mika Sulkava, Pekka Nöjd and Jaakko Hollmen
In: Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Discovery Science (DS-2008) Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence , 5255 (5255). (2008) Springer-Verlag , pp. 100-110. ISBN 978 3 540 88410 1

Classification of human cancers based on DNA copy number amplification modeling
Samuel Myllykangas, Jarkko Tikka, Tom Böhling, Sakari Knuutila and Jaakko Hollmen
BMC Medical Genomics Volume 1, Number 15, 2008. ISSN 1755-8794

Integrated Gene Copy Number and Expression Microarray Analysis of Gastric Cancer Highlights Potential Target Genes
Samuel Myllykangas, Siina Junnila, Arto Kokkola, Reija Autio, Ilari Scheinin, Tuula Kiviluoto, Marja-Liisa Karjalainen-Lindsberg, Jaakko Hollmen, Sakari Knuutila, Pauli Puolakkainen and Outi Monni
International Journal of Cancer Volume 123, Number 4, pp. 817-825, 2008.

Aberrations of chromosome 19 in asbestos-associated lung cancer and in asbestos-induced micronuclei of bronchial epithelial cells in vitro
Salla Ruosaari, Penny Nymark, Mervi Aavikko, Eeva Kettunen, Sakari Knuutila, Jaakko Hollmen, Hannu Norppa and Sisko Anttila
Carcinogenesis Volume 29, Number 5, pp. 913-917, 2008. ISSN 1460-2180

A Sequential Input Selection Algorithm for Long-term prediction of Time Series
Jarkko Tikka and Jaakko Hollmen
Neurocomputing Volume 71, Number 13-15, pp. 2604-2615, 2008. ISSN 0925-2312

Selection of important input variables for RBF networks using partial serivatives
Jarkko Tikka and Jaakko Hollmen
In: Proceedings of the 16th European Symposium on Neural Networks (ESANN 2008) (2008) d-side , Bruges, Belgium , pp. 167-172.

Learning mixture models - courseware for finite mixture distributions of multivariate Bernoulli distributions
Jaakko Hollmen and Tapani Raiko
In: In Proceedings of Teaching Machine Learning - workshop on open problems and new directions, 6 May - 7 May 2008, Saint-Étienne, France.

Macadamia: Master's Programme in Machine Learning and Data Mining
Tapani Raiko, Kai Puolamäki, Juha Karhunen, Jaakko Hollmen, Anttí Honkela, Samuel Kaski, Heikki Mannila, Erkki Oja and Olli Simula
In: Proceedings of Teaching Machine Learning - workshop on open problems and new directions, 6 May - 7 May 2008, Saint-Étienne, France.

Automatic Detection of Onset and Cessation of Tree Stem Radius Increase using Dendrometer Data and CUSUM Charts
Mika Sulkava, Harri Mäkinen, Pekka Nöjd and Jaakko Hollmen
Proceedings of the 2nd European Symposium on Time Series Prediction (ESTSP'08) pp. 77-86, 2008.

Spatio-Temporal Road Condition Forecasting With Markov Chains and Artificial Neural Networks
Konsta Sirvio and Jaakko Hollmen
Third International Workshop in Hybrid Artificial Intelligent Systems (HAIS'08) Volume 5271, pp. 204-211, 2008.

How are N and S in deposition, in percolation water and in the upper soil layers reflected in the chemical composition of needles in Finland?
Päivi Merilä, John Derome, Sebastiaan Luyssaert, Mika Sulkava, Jaakko Hollmen, Kaisa Mustajärvi and Pekka Nöjd
In: Proceedings of the Scientific Seminar on Forest Condition Monitoring and Ecosystem Functioning in Northern Europe under the Forest Focus and ICP Forests programmes Working papers of the Finnish Forest Research Institute , 74 . (2007) Finnish Forest Research Centre , pp. 39-42. ISBN 978-951-40-2088-9

Pathways affected by asbestos exposure in normal and tumour tissue of lung cancer patients
Salla Ruosaari, Tuija Hienonen-Kempas, Anne Puustinen, Virinder K. Sarhadi, Jaakko Hollmen, Sakari Knuutila, Juha Saharinen, Harriet Wikman and Sisko Anttila
BMC Medical Genomics 2008.

Genomic Profiles Associated with Early Micrometastatis in Lung Cancer: Relevance of 4q Deletion
Michaela Wrage, Salla Ruosaari, Paul P. Eijk, Jussuf T. Kaifi, Jaakko Hollmen, Emre F. Yekebas, Jacob R. Izbicki, Ruud H. Brakenhoff, Thomas Streichert, Sabine Riethdorf, Bauke Ylstra, Klaus Pantel and Harriet Wikman
Clinical Cancer Research 2008.

Feature extraction and selection from vibration measurements for structural health monitoring
Janne Toivola and Jaakko Hollmen
Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis Volume 5772 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 213-224, 2009. ISSN 0302-9743

Effects of daily temperature and photosynthetic production on growth variation of Scots pine in northern Finland
Pekka Nöjd, Mikko Korpela, Jaakko Hollmen, Harri Mäkinen, Mika Sulkava and Pertti Hari
In: Eurodendro 2009 – European Workshop in Dendrochronology: Developments, Advances, Challenges, Oct 2009, Cala Millor, Spain.