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Local likelihood density estimation based on smooth truncation
Pedro Delicado
Biometrika Volume 93, Number 2, pp. 472-480, 2006. ISSN 0006-3444

Functional k-sample problem when data are density functions
Pedro Delicado
Computational Statistics Volume 22, Number 3, pp. 391-410, 2007. ISSN 0943-4062

A web server for automatic analysis and extraction of relevant biological knowledge
J. Cedano, M. Huerta, I. Estrada, F. Ballllosera, O. Conchillo, Pedro Delicado and E. Querol
Computers in Biology and Medicine Volume 37, Number 11, pp. 1672-1675, 2007. ISSN 0010-4825

A small sample comparison of maximum likelihood, moments and L-moments methods for the asymmetric exponential power distribution
Pedro Delicado and M. Goria
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis Volume 52, Number 3, pp. 1661-1673, 2008. ISSN 0167-9473