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Measuring Phase Synchronization of Superimposed Signals
Frank Meinecke, Andreas Ziehe, J\"urgen Kurths and Klaus-Robert Müller
Physical Review Letters Volume 94, Number 8, 084102, 2005.

Inlier-based ICA with an application to super-imposed images
Frank Meinecke, Stefan Harmeling and Klaus-Robert Müller
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology 2005.

From outliers to prototypes: ordering data
Stefan Harmeling, Guido Dornhege, David Tax, Frank Meinecke and Klaus-Robert Müller
Neurocomputing 2005.

Identifying interactions in mixed and noisy complex systems
Guido Nolte, Andreas Ziehe, Frank Meinecke and Klaus-Robert Müller
Physical Review E Volume 73, Number 051913, 2006.

Identifying Interactions from Superimposed Signals
Frank Meinecke
(2012) PhD thesis, TU Berlin.

Estimating true brain connectivity from EEG/MEG data invariant to linear and static transformations in sensor space
Arne Ewald, Laura Marzetti, Filippo Zappasodi, Frank Meinecke and Guido Nolte
NeuroImage Volume 60, Number 1, pp. 476-488, 2012. ISSN 1053-8119

The Stationary Subspace Analysis Toolbox
Jan S. Müller, Paul von Bünau, Frank Meinecke, Franz J. Kiraly and Klaus-Robert Müller
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 12, pp. 3065-3069, 2011.

Analysis of Multimodal Neuroimaging Data
Felix Bießmann, Sergej Plis, Frank Meinecke, Tom Eichele and Klaus-Robert Müller
IEEE Reviews in Biomedical Engineering Volume 4, pp. 26-58, 2011.