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Fast Online Policy Gradient Learning with SMD Gain Vector Adaptation
Nicol N. Schraudolph, Jin Yu and Douglas Aberdeen
In: NIPS 2005, 5-8 Dec 2005, Vancouver, Canada.

Step Size-Adapted Online Support Vector Learning
Alexandros Karatzoglou, S V N Vishwanathan, Nicol N. Schraudolph and Alex Smola
In: ISSPA 2005, 28-31 Aug 2005, Sydney, Australia.

Stochastic Optimization for High-Dimensional Tracking in Dense Range Maps
Matthieu Bray, Esther Koller-Meier, Pascal Müller, Nicol N. Schraudolph and Luc Van Gool
IEE Proceedings Vision, Image & Signal Processing Volume 152, Number 4, pp. 501-512, 2005.

Accelerating Evolutionary Algorithms with Gaussian Process Fitness Function Models
Dirk Büche, Nicol N. Schraudolph and Petros Koumoutsakos
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Volume C35, Number 2, pp. 183-194, 2005.

Gradient-Based Manipulation of Nonparametric Entropy Estimates
Nicol N. Schraudolph
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks Volume 15, Number 4, pp. 828-837, 2004.

Step Size Adaptation in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space
S V N Vishwanathan, Nicol Schraudolph and Alex Smola
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume 7, pp. 1107-1133, 2006.