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Dichoptic motion perception limited to depth of fixation?
Martin Lages, Alexander Dolia and Erich Graf
Vision Research Volume 47, Number 2, pp. 244-252, 2007.

The Minimum Volume Covering Ellipsoid Estimation in Kernel-Defined Feature Spaces
Alexander Dolia, Tijl De Bie, Chris Harris, John Shawe-Taylor and Mike Titterington
In: The 17th European Conference on Machine Learning, 18-22 Sep 2006, Berlin, Germany.

D-optimality for Minimum Volume Ellipsoid with Outliers
Alexander Dolia, Scott Page, Neil White and Chris Harris
In: The Seventh International Conference on Signal/Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, UkrObraz-2004, 11-15 Oct 2004, Kiev, Ukraine.

Kernel ellipsoidal trimming
Alexander Dolia, Chris Harris, John Shawe-Taylor and Mike Titterington
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis 2007.