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Application de l'apprentissage par renforcement a la gestion du risque
Olivier Teytaud
Journal Electronique d'Intelligence Artificielle Volume Volume 6, pp. 1-23, 2004.

Controle du risque multiple en selection de regles d'association
E. Prudhomme, S. Lallich and Olivier Teytaud
Revue Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information - E2 Volume Vol. 2, Conference Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances, pp. 305-316, 2004.

Evaluation et validation des règles d'association
Stephane Lallich and Olivier Teytaud
Revue des nouvelles technologies de l'information, RNTI-E-1 Volume Vol 1, pp. 193-218, 2004.

Local and global Order 3/2 convergence of a Surrogate Evolutionary Algorithm.
Anne Auger, Marc Schoenauer and Olivier Teytaud
In: GECCO 2005, 2005, Washington, USA.

A statistical learning approach to bloat and universal consistency in genetic programming
Olivier Teytaud, Marc Schoenauer, Sylvain Gelly and Nicolas Bredèche
In: CAP 2005, 2005, Nice.

quasi-random mutations for Evolution Strategies
Anne Auger, Mohamed Jebalia and Olivier Teytaud
In: EA 2005, 2005, Lille.

Convergence proofs and convergence rates for multi-modal multi-objective optimization
Yann Bonnemay, Olivier Teytaud and Michèle Sebag
In: EA 2005, 2005, Lille.

Statistical asymptotic and non-asymptotic consistency of bayesian networks : convergence to the right structure and consistent probability estimates
Sylvain Gelly and Olivier Teytaud

Inductive-deductive systems : a learning theory point of view
Nicolas Baskiotis, Michèle Sebag and Olivier Teytaud
In: CAP 2005, 2005, Lille.

Taylor-based pseudo-metrics for random process fitting in dynamic programming
Sylvain Gelly, Jérémie Mary and Olivier Teytaud
In: PDMIA 2005, 2005, Lille.

Estimation et controle des performances en généralisation des réseaux de neurones
Yann Guermeur and Olivier Teytaud
In: Apprentissage Connexioniste (2006) Hermès , pp. 279-341.

Optimal Estimation for Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulence and application to the analysis of subgrid models
Antoine Moreau, Olivier Teytaud and J.-P. Bertoglio
Physics of Fluids 2006.

How entropy-theorems can show that approximating high-dim Pareto-fronts is too hard.
Olivier Teytaud
In: PPSN-BTP 2006, 2006, Reykjavik.

Statistical inference and data mining: false discoveries control
Stéphane Lallich, Olivier Teytaud and Elie Prudhomme
In: 17th Compstat Symposium of the IASC, 2006, Rome.

Quasi-Random Resamplings, with aplications to rule Extraction, Cross-Validation and (su-)bagging
Olivier Teytaud, Justin Bedo, Stéphane Lallich and Elie Prudhomme
In: IIIA'06, 2006, Helsinki.

Continuous lunches are free
Olivier Teytaud and Anne Auger
In: GECCO 2007, 2007, London.

Conditioning, halting criteria and choosing lambda
Olivier Teytaud
In: EA07(2007).

Slightly beyond Turing’s computability for studying genetic programming
Olivier Teytaud
In: MCU07, 2007, Orléans.

DCMA, yet another derandomization in covariance matrix adaptation
Olivier Teytaud and Justin Bedo
In: Gecco 2007, 2007, London.

Association rule interestingness: measure and statistical validation
Olivier Teytaud, Stéphane Lallich and Elie Prudhomme
In: Quality Measures in Data Mining (2006) Springer , pp. 251-275.

Comparison-based algorithms are robust and randomized algorithms are anytime
Olivier Teytaud, Sylvie Ruette and Sylvain Gelly
Evolutionary Computation Journal Volume 15, Number 4, 2007.

On the ultimate convergence rates for isotropic algorithms and the best choices among various forms of isotropy
Olivier Teytaud, Sylvain Gelly and Jeremie Mary
In: PPSN, Reykjavik(2006).

Olivier Teytaud, Sylvain Gelly and Jeremie Mary
In: ICINCO07, Angers(2007).

Anytime many-armed bandits
Olivier Teytaud, Sylvain Gelly and Michele Sebag
In: CAP 2007, Grenoble(2007).

On the adaptation of noise level for stochastic optimization
Olivier Teytaud and Anne Auger
In: CEC 2007, 2007, Singapore.

Olivier Teytaud and Sylvain Gelly
In: ICINCO07, Angers(2007).

Boosting Active Learning to Optimality: A tractable Monte-Carlo based Approach.
Olivier Teytaud, Michele Sebag and Philippe Rolet
In: ECML 2009(2009).

Continuous lunches are free plus the design of optimal optimization algorithms
Anne Auger and Olivier Teytaud
Algorithmica Volume 57, Number 1, pp. 121-146, 2008.

When does quasi-random work ?
Olivier Teytaud
In: PPSN 2010(2008).

A Statistical Learning Perspective of Genetic Programming
Olivier Teytaud, Christian Gagné, Marc Schoenauer, Sylvain Gelly, Nicolas Bredeche and Nur Merve Amil
In: EuroGP 2009(2009).

Creating an Upper-Confidence-Tree program for Havannah
Olivier Teytaud and Fabien Teytaud
In: ACG 2009(2009).

Olivier Teytaud, jean baptiste, Sylvain Gelly, arpad rimmel and yann kalemkarian
In: Icinco2008(2008).

On the parallel speed-up of Estimation of Multivariate Normal Algorithm and Evolution Strategies
Olivier Teytaud and fabien teytaud
In: Evonum 2009(2009).

Optimizing Low-Discrepancy Sequences with an Evolutionary Algorithm
Francois-Michel De Rainville, Christian Gagné, Olivier Teytaud and Denis Laurendeau
In: Gecco 2009(2009).

The computational intelligence of MoGo revealed in Taiwan's computer-Go tournaments.
Chang-Shing Lee, Mei-Hui Wang, Guillaume Chaslot, Jean-Baptiste Hoock, Arpad Rimmel, Olivier Teytaud, Shang-Rong Tsai, Shun-Chin Hsu and Tzung-Pei Hong
IEEE transactions on computational intelligence and artificial intelligence in games 2009.

Why one must use reweighting in Estimation Of Distribution Algorithms
Fabien Teytaud and Olivier Teytaud
In: Gecco 2009(2009).

comparison-based algorithms are robust and randomized algorithms are anytime.
Sylvie Ruette, Olivier Teytaud and Sylvain Gelly
Evolutionary Computation 2007.