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Hierarchic Bayesian Models for Kernel Learning.
Mark Girolami and Simon Rogers
In: 22nd International Conference on Machine Learning, 7-11 Aug 2005, Bonn.

Variational Bayesian Multinomial Probit Regression with Gaussian Process Priors
Mark Girolami and Simon Rogers
Neural Computation 2005.

Identification of Prognostic Signatures in Breast Cancer Microarray Data using Bayesian Techniques
L Carrivick, S Rogers, J Clark, C Campbell, Mark Girolami and C Cooper
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2005. ISSN 1742-5689

Disease diagnosis from Capillary Electophoresis: Mass Spectrometry
S Rogers, Mark Girolami, R Krebbs and H Mischak
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Pattern Recognition, 22-25 Aug 2005, Bath, UK.

A Bayesian Regression Approach to the Inference of Regulatory Networks from Gene Expression Data
S Rogers and Mark Girolami
Bioinformatics Volume 21, Number 14, pp. 3131-3137, 2005. ISSN 1367-4803

Clustering via Kernel Decomposition
A Szymkowiak-Have, Mark Girolami and Jan Larsen
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 2005.

Sequential Activity Profiling : Latent Dirichlet Allocation of Markov Chains
Mark Girolami and A Kaban
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Volume 10, pp. 175-196, 2005.

The Latent Process Decomposition of cDNA Microarray Data Sets
S Rogers, Mark Girolami, C Campbell and R Breitling
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Volume 2, Number 2, pp. 143-156, 2005. ISSN 1545-5963

Kernel Maximum Entropy Data Transformation and an Enhanced Spectral Clustering Algorithm R. Jenssen, T. Eltoft, M. Girolami, D. Erdogmus:
Jenssen Robert, Eltoft T, Girolami Mark and Erdogmus D
In: NIPS 2006, 07 Dec 2006, Vancouver.

Data Integration for Classification Problems Employing Gaussian Process Priors
Mark Girolami and Mingjun Zhong
In: NIPS 2006, 7 Dec 2006, Vancouver.

Sparse Multinomial Logistic Regression via Bayesian L1 Regularisation
Gavin Cawley, Nicola Talbot and Mark Girolami
In: NIPS 2006, 7 Dec 2006, Vancouver.