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Active Learning for Parzen Window Classifier
Olivier Chapelle
In: AI STATS 2005(2004).

Semi-Supervised Classification by Low Density Separation
Olivier Chapelle and Alexander Zien
In: AI STATS 2005(2004).

A Machine Learning Approach to Conjoint Analysis
Olivier Chapelle and Zaid Harchaoui
In: NIPS 17(2004).

An Analysis of the Anti-Learning Phenomenon for the Class Symmetric Polyhedron
Adam Kowalczyk and Olivier Chapelle
In: Algorithmic Learning Theory, Singapore(2005).

Implicit Surface Modelling as an Eigenvalue Problem
christian wadler, Olivier Chapelle and Bernhard Schölkopf
In: International conference on machine learning, 7-11 august 2005, Bonn.

Estimating Predictive Variances with Kernel Ridge Regression
gavin cawley, nicola talbot and Olivier Chapelle
In: Evaluating Predictive Uncertainty, Textual Entailment and Object Recognition Systems (2005) Springer .

An Efficient Method for Gradient-Based Adaptation of Hyperparameters in SVM Models
Sathiya Keerthi, Vikas Sindhwani and Olivier Chapelle
In: NIPS(2007).

Branch and Bound for Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines
Olivier Chapelle, Vikas Sindhwani and Sathiya Keerthi
In: NIPS(2007).

Implicit Surfaces with Globally Regularised and Compactly Supported Basis Functions
Christian Walder, Bernhard Schölkopf and Olivier Chapelle
In: NIPS(2007).

A Continuation Method for Semi-Supervised SVMs
Olivier Chapelle, Mingmin Chi and Alexander Zien
In: ICML(2006).

Deterministic Annealing for Semi-supervised Kernel Machines
Vikas Sindhwani, Sathiya Keerthi and Olivier Chapelle
In: ICML(2006).