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Suivis simultanés et robustes de visages et de gestes faciaux: Simultaneous and robust face and facial action tracking
Romain Herault, Franck Davoine, Fadi Dornaika and Yves Grandvalet
In: RFIA 2006, 25-27 Jan 2006, Tours, France.

Head and Facial Action Tracking: Comparison of two robust approaches
Romain Herault, Franck Davoine and Yves Grandvalet
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FGR06) Volume 00, pp. 287-292, 2006. ISSN ISBN:0-7695-2503-2

Sparse Probabilistic Classifiers
Romain Herault and Yves Grandvalet
In: ICML 2007, 20-24 June 2007, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, USA.

Régression Logistique Parcimonieuse
Romain Herault and Yves Grandvalet
In: CAP 2007, 04-06 July 2007, Grenoble, France.

Learning Deep Neural Networks for High Dimensional Output Problems
Benjamin Labbe, Romain Herault and Clement Chatelain
In: ICMLA 2009, 13-15 Dec. 2009, Miami Beach Resort & SPA, 4833 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

Pré-apprentissage supervisé pour les réseaux profonds
Xilan Tian, Romain Herault and Gilles Gasso
In: RFIA 2010, 19-22 Jan 2010, Caen, France.

Inter-limb coordination variability in ice climbers of different skill levels
L. Seifert, L. Wattebled, M. L’Hermette and Romain Hérault
International Congress Complex Systems in Medicine and Sport Volume 3, pp. 105-106, 2010.

Effect of skill level on upper/lower limb coordination in ice climbers
L. Seifert, L. Wattebled, M. L’Hermette and Romain Hérault
European Workshop of Ecological Psychology Volume 11, pp. 68-69, 0009.

Inter-subject variability in the upper-lower limb breaststroke coordination
L. Seifert, H. Leblanc, Romain Hérault, C. Button, J. Komar and D. Chollet
Human Movement Science 2010.

Estimation de la concentration d'un agent biologique par détection de rupture sur vidéos de fluorescences issues de PCR
Abou Keita, Romain Hérault and Stéphane Canu
In: RFIA2012, 24-27 Jan 2012, Lyon, France.