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Algorithmic Inference: from Information Granules to Subtending Functions
Bruno Apolloni and Simone Bassis
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems Volume 2, Number 2, pp. 648-664, 2008.

A New Goodness-Of-Fit Statistical Test
Bruno Apolloni and Simone Bassis
Intelligent Decision Technologies Volume 1, pp. 1-14, 2007.

A Feedforward Neural Logic based on Synaptic and Volume Transmission,
bruno apolloni and simone bassis
Brain Research Reviews Volume 55, Number 1, pp. 108-118, 2007.

Identifying Elementary Iterated Systems through Algorithmic Inference: the Cantor Set Example
bruno apolloni and simone bassis
Chaos, Solitons and Fractals Volume 30, pp. 19-29, 2006.

New perspectives in computational intelligence: nothing so intelligent as randomness, nothing so effective as asymmetry
bruno apolloni and simone bassis
,International Journal of Intelligent Computational Studies 2009.

Processing of Information Microgranules within an Individuals' Society
bruno apolloni, simone bassis and antonio zippo
In: Human-centric Information Processing Through Granular Modelling Studies in Computational Intelligence (182). (2009) Springer , Heidelberg , pp. 233-264.

Collaboration at the Basis of Sharing Focused Information: the Opportunistic Networks
bruno apolloni, simone bassis, gianpaolo roassi and gianluca galliani
In: Collaborative Computational Intelligence Studies in Collaborative Intelligence . (2009) Springer , Heuideklberg .