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Online Suffix Trees with Counts
Breanndan O Nuallain and Steven de Rooij
In: Data Compression Conference, 23 March - 25 March 2004, Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Approximating rate-distortion graphs of individual data: Experiments in lossy compression and denoising
Steven de Rooij and Paul Vitányi
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 2006.

Luckiness and Regret in Minimum Description Length Inference
Steven de Rooij and Peter Grünwald
In: Handbook of the Philosophy of Science (2010) Elsevier .

Adaptive Hedge
Tim Erven, van, Peter Grünwald, Wouter Koolen and Steven de Rooij
In: NIPS 2011, 12-14 Dec 2011, Granada, Spain.

Catching Up Faster by Switching Sooner: A Predictive Approach to Adaptive Estimation with an application to the AIC-BIC Dilemma.
Tim Erven, van, Peter Grünwald and Steven de Rooij
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B 2011.

Proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Information Theoretic Methods in Science and Engineering (WITMSE 2012)
Steven de Rooij, Wojciech Kotlowski, Jorma Rissanen, Teemu Roos and Petri Myllymäki, ed. (2012) Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica , Amsterdam, Netherlands . ISBN 978-90-6196-563-3