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An improved VC dimension bound for sparse polynomials
Michael Schmitt
In: 17th Annual Conference on Learning Theory COLT '04, 01-04 July 2004, Banff, Canada.

On the sample complexity of learning for networks of spiking neurons with nonlinear synaptic interactions
Michael Schmitt
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 2004. ISSN 1045-9227

On the power of Boolean computations in generalized RBF neural networks
Frauke Friedrichs and Michael Schmitt
Neurocomputing 2004. ISSN 0925-2312

Some dichotomy theorems for neural learning problems
Michael Schmitt
Journal of Machine Learning Research 2004. ISSN 1532-4435

On the capabilities of higher-order neurons: a radial basis function approach
Michael Schmitt
Neural Computation 2004. ISSN 0899-7667

Inner product spaces for Bayesian networks
Atsuyoshi Nakamura, Michael Schmitt, Niels Schmitt and Hans Ulrich Simon
Journal of Machine Learning Research 2004. ISSN 1532-4435