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Bias-Variance tradeoff in Hybrid Generative-Discriminative models
Guillaume Bouchard
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA'07) 2007.

Mail2Wiki: low-cost sharing and organization on wikis.
Gregorio Convertino, Ben Hanrahan, Nick Kong, Thiébaud Weksteen, Ed Chi and Cedric Archambeau
In: Workshop on Collective Intelligence in Organizations: Tools and Studies, Sanibel Island, Florida(2010).

Soft Failure Detection using Factorial Hidden Markov Models
Guillaume Bouchard and Jean-Marc Andreoli
In: ICMLA 2007, 13-15 Dec 2007, Cincinnati, US.

Efficient Bounds for the softmax Function, Applications to Inference in Hybrid Models
Guillaume Bouchard
In: NIPS 2007, 02-08 December 2007, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.

Variational bounds for mixed-data factor analysis
Emtiyaz Khan, Ben Marlin, Guillaume Bouchard and Kevin Murphy
In: NIPS 2010, Vancouver(2010).

Asymptotically optimal regularization in smooth parametric models
Percy Liang, Francis Bach, Guillaume Bouchard and Michael Jordan
In: NIPS 2009, Vancouver(2009).