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Query learning of Horn formulas revisited: progress and open questions
José Balcázar
In: Computability in Europe, 8-12 June 2005, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Entailment and Basis Optimality in Confidence-Bounded Association Rules
José Balcázar
(2007) Working Paper. [None].

Redundancy, deduction schemes, and minimum-size bases for association rules
José Balcázar
(2008) Technical Report. None.

Canonical Horn Representations and Query Learning
Marta Arias and José Balcázar
(2009) Technical Report. [No publisher].

Two Measures of Objective Novelty in Association Rule Mining
José Balcázar
In: New Frontiers in Applied Data Mining (PAKDD 2009 Workshops Revised Selected Papers) Lecture Notes in Computer Science , LNCS 5669 (5669). (2010) Springer , pp. 76-98. ISBN 978-3-642-14639-8

Objective Novelty of Association Rules: Measuring the Confidence Boost
José Balcázar
In: EGC 2010, 26-29 jan 2010, Hamamet, Tunisia.

Formal and Computational Properties of the Confidence Boost of Association Rules
José Balcázar
(2011) (only submitted so far).