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Unifying Learning in Games and Graphical Models
Iead Rezek, Stephen J. Roberts, Alex Rogers, Rajdeep K. Dash and Nick Jennings
In: International Conference on Information Fusion 2005, 25-29 July 2005, Philadelphia, PA.

Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment with Generative Polyspectral Models
Iead Rezek, Stephen J. Roberts, Ellie Siva and Regina Conradt
In: International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications 2005, 15-17 Dec 2005, Los Angeles, CA.

Physiological Data Classification 0500680.4.
Iead Rezek

Ensemble Hidden Markov Models with Extended Observation Densities for Biosignal Analysis
Iead Rezek and Stephen J. Roberts
In: Probabilistic Modelling in Bioinformatics and Meical Informatics (2005) Springer Verlag , London, U.K. , pp. 419-450. ISBN 1-85233-788-8

Bayes Consistent Classification of EEG Data by Approximate Marginalization
Peter Sykacek, Iead Rezek and Stephen J. Roberts
In: Probabilistic Modeling in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics (2005) Springer Verlag , London, U.K. , pp. 391-418. ISBN 1-85233-788-8

Generative Polyspectral Models for Depth of Anaesthesia Assessment
Iead Rezek, Stephen J. Roberts and Regina Conradt
Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine Volume 26, Number 2, pp. 64-73, 2005.

Multivariate Biomedical Signal Processing
Iead Rezek
In: Wiley Encyclopedia of Biomedical Engineering (2006) Wiley .

An Iterative Signal Detection Algorithm based on Bayesian Belief Propagation Ideas
Ian Proudler, Stephen J. Roberts, Steven Reece and Iead Rezek
In: 15th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, U.K.(2007).

Efficient Statistical Performance Modeling for Autonomic, Service-oriented Systems
Rui Zhang, A. Bivens and Iead Rezek
In: IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium.(2007).

Drum'n'Bayes: On-Line Variational Inference for Beat Tracking and Rhythm Recognition
Charles Fox, Iead Rezek and Stephen J. Roberts
In: roceedings of the the International Computer Music Conference(2007).

Local Quantum Computing for Fast Probably MAP Inference in Graphical Models
Charles Fox, Iead Rezek and Stephen J. Roberts
In: Proceedings of Second Quantum Interaction Symposium.(2008).

On Similarities between Inference in Game Theory and Machine Learning
I. Rezek, D. Leslie, S. Reece, S.J. Roberts, A. Rogers, R.K. Dash and N.K. Jennings
J ARTIF INTELL RES Volume 33, pp. 259-283, 2008.