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GAMBL, Genetic Algorithm Optimization of Memory-Based WSD
Bart Decadt, Véronique Hoste, Walter Daelemans and Antal Van den Bosch
In: Third International Workshop on the Evaluation of Systems for the Semantic Analysis of Text (Senseval-3), Barcelona, Spain(2004).

Memory-based language processing
Walter Daelemans and Antal van den Bosch
(2005) Cambridge University Press , Cambridge, UK . ISBN 0521808901

Improving sequence segmentation learning by predicting trigrams
van den Bosch Antal and Walter Daelemans
In: Ninth Conference on Natural Language Learning, CoNLL-2005, 29-30 Jun 2005, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Rule meta-learning for trigram-based sequence processing
Sander Canisius, Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans
In: Fourth Learning Language in Logic Workshop, Aug 2005, Bonn, Germany.

Comparing Learning Approaches to Coreference Resolution. There is More to it Than 'Bias'.
Véronique Hoste and Walter Daelemans
In: Workshop on Meta-Learning, Aug 2005, Bonn, Germany.

Stylogenetics: clustering-based stylistic analysis of literary corpora
Kim Luyckx, Walter Daelemans and Edward Vanhoutte
In: Proceedings of LREC-2006: the 5th International Language Resources and Evaluation Conference, Workshop Towards Computational Models of Literary Analysis (2006) ILC , Genova, Italy , pp. 30-35.

Discrete versus probabilistic sequence classifiers for domain-specific entity chunking
Sander Canisius, Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans
In: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Belgian-Dutch Conference on Artificial Intelligence, BNAIC-2006 (2006) BNVKI , Namur, Belgium , pp. 75-82.

Dutch plural inflection: The exception that proves the analogy
Emmanuel Keuleers, Dominiek Sandra, Walter Daelemans, Steven Gillis, Gert Durieux and Evelyn Martens
Cognitive Psychology 2006.

Adding semantic information: unsupervised clusters for coreference resolution
Iris Hendrickx and Walter Daelemans
In: Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing,, Amsterdam, Netherlands(2007).

An efficient memory-based morphosyntactic tagger and parser for Dutch
Antal Van den Bosch, Bertjan Busser, Sander Canisius and Walter Daelemans
In: Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2006: Selected papers from the seventeenth CLIN meeting (2007) OTS , Utrecht, Netherlands , pp. 191-206.

Disambiguation of the neuter pronoun and its effect on pronominal coreference resolution
Veronique Hoste, Iris Hendrikx and Walter Daelemans
In: Text, Speech and Dialogue: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference TSD 2007 Lecture Notes in Computer Science (4629). (2007) Springer Verlag , Berlin , pp. 48-55.

Evaluating hybrid versus data-driven coreference resolution
Iris Hendrickx, Veronique Hoste and Walter Daelemans
In: Anaphora: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications Lecture Notes in Computer Science (4410). (2007) Springer Verlag , Berlin , pp. 137-150.

Memory-Based Learning Models of Inflectional Morphology: A Methodological Case Study
Emmanuel Keuleers and Walter Daelemans
Lingue e Linguaggio Volume VI, Number 2, pp. 151-174, 2007.

A combined memory-based semantic role labeler of English
Roser Morante, Walter Daelemans and Vincent Van Asch
In: 12th Conference on Computational Natural Language Learning, Manchester, UK(2008).

Authorship attribution and verification with many authors and limited data
Kim Luyckx and Walter Daelemans
In: International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Manchester, UK(2008).

Learning the scope of negation in biomedical texts
Roser Morante, Anthony Liekens and Walter Daelemans
In: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing, Hawai, US(2008).

Semantic and syntactic features for anaphora resolution for Dutch
Iris Hendrickx, Veronique Hoste and Walter Daelemans
In: CICLing-2008, Haifa, Israel(2008).