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Redundancy of the Context-tree Weighting Method on Renewal and Markov Renewal Processes
Aurelien Garivier
IEEE Transactions on Information Theory Volume 52, 2006.

Consistency of the unlimited BIC Context Tree Estimator
Aurelien Garivier
IEEE-IT Volume 52, 2006.

A MDL approach to HMM with Poisson and Gaussian emissions. Application to order identification
Antoine Chambaz, Aurelien Garivier and Elisabeth Gassiat
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 2005.

A new lower-bound for the maximin redundancy in pattern coding
Aurelien Garivier
IEEE - Trans. on Information Theory 2006.

Context methods and infinite alphabets in information theory
Aurelien Garivier
(2006) PhD thesis, Université Paris Sud Orsay.

Coding on Countably Infinite alphabets
Stephane Boucheron, Aurelien Garivier and Elisabeth Gassiat
IEEE IT Volume 55, Number 1, 358v-374, 2009.

On Approximate Maximum Likelihood Methods for Blind Identification: How to Cope with the Curse of Dimensionality
Steffen Barembruch, Aurelien Garivier and Eric Moulines
IEEE Transaction on Signal Processing 2008.

On Optimal Sampling for Particle Filtering in digital communication
Steffen Barembruch, Aurelien Garivier and Eric Moulines