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An alternative competing risk model to the Weibull distribution in lifetime data analysis
Henri Bertholon, Gilles Celeux and Nicolas Bousquet
(2004) Technical Report. INRIA Press, Orsay, France.

An introduction to a new way of eliciting prior distributions for Weibull inference in an inudstrial context
Special Issue of the International Journal "Communications on Dependability and Quality Management in Engineering" 2005.

A protocol for integrating REX and expert data in a study of durability
Francois BILLY, Nicolas BOUSQUET and Gilles CELEUX
In: WORKSHOP ON EXPERT JUDGMENT (CEA Cadarache), 21-23 June 2005, France.

Modelling and eliciting expert knowledge with fictitious data
Nicolas BOUSQUET, Gilles CELEUX and Emmanuel REMY
In: WORKSHOP ON EXPERT JUDGMENT (CEA Cadarache), 21-23 June 2005, France.

Lifetime models and methods of estimation (French slides)
In: Lesson at the Robert Schuman High School, 21 February 2005, Belgium.

Redefining the maximum sustainable yield for the Schaefer population model including multiplicative environmental noise
Nicolas Bousquet, Thierry Duchesne and Louis-Paul Rivest
Journal of Theoretical Biology Volume 254, pp. 67-75, 2008.

Diagnostics of prior-data conflict in applied Bayesian analysis
Nicolas Bousquet
Journal of Applied Statistics Volume 35, pp. 1011-1029, 2008.

Eliciting vague but proper maximal entropy priors in Bayesian experiments
Nicolas Bousquet
Statistical Papers 2009.

The role of predation by harp seals (Phoca groenlandica) in the collapse and non-recovery of northen Gulf of St. Lawrence cod (Gadus morhua)
Emmanuel Chassot, Daniel Duplisea, Mike Hammill, Andrea Caskenette, Nicolas Bousquet, Yvan Lambert and Gary Stenson
Marine Ecology Progress Series 2009.

Detecting and correcting underreported catches in fish stock assessment
Nicolas Bousquet, Noel Cadigan, Thierry Duchesne and Louis-Paul Rivest
CFJAS 2009.