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Selection of generative models in Classification
Guillaume Bouchard and Gilles Celeux
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Macine Intelligence 2005.

Model-based cluster analysis and discriminant analysis with the MIXMOD software
Christophe Biernacki, Gilles Celeux, Gérard Govaert and Florent Langrognet
Computational Statistitics and Data Analysis 2005.

Iterated importance sampling in missing data problems
Gilles Celeux, Jean-Michel Marin and Christian P Robert
Computational Statistics and Dta Analysis 2005.

Deviance information criteria for missing data models
Gilles Celeux, Florence Forbes, Christian P Robert and Mike D Titterington
Bayesian Analysis 2005.

Designing a Bayesian network for preventive maintenance from expert opinion in a rapid and reliable way
Gilles Celeux, Franck Corset, André Lannoy and Benoit Ricard
Reliability Engineering and System Safety 2005.

Mixture of linear mixed models - Application to repeated data clustering
Gilles Celeux, Olivier Martin and Christian Lavergne
Staistical Modelling Volume 5, pp. 243-257, 2005.

Selection of generative models in Classification
Guillaume Bouchard and Gilles Celeux
IEEE on Pami Volume 28, pp. 544-554, 2006.

Variable selection for Clustering with Gaussian Mixture Models
Cathy Maugis, Gilles Celeux and Martin-Magniette Marie-Laure
Biometrics 2009.

Selecting Hidden Markov Model State Number with Cross-Validated Likelihood
Gilles Celeux and Jean-Baptiste Durand
Computational Statistics Volume 23, pp. 541-554, 2008.

Book review: Data Clustering: Theory Algorithms and Applications by Gan, G., Chaoqun, MA, and Wu, J.
Gilles Celeux
Biometrics Volume 64, pp. 656-657, 2008.

Selecting models focussing on the modeller's purpose
Jean-Patrick Baudry, Gilles Celeux and Jean-Michel Marin
In: COMPSTAT2008, August 2009, Porto.

Mixture models for classification
Gilles Celeux
(2007) Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization . Springer .

Discriminant Analysis
Gilles Celeux
In: Data Analysis (2009) Hermès , Paris .