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Reinforcement learning with Gaussian processes
Yaakov Engel, Shie Mannor and Ron Meir
In: ICML 2005, 7-11 August, 2005, Bonn, Germany.

The Kernel recursive least squares algorithm
Yaakov Engel, Shie Mannor and Ron Meir
IEEE Tran. Signal Processing Volume 52, Number 8, pp. 2275-2285, 2004.

Data dependent risk bounds for hierarchical mixture of experts classifers
Arik Azran and Ron Meir
In: COLT 2004, 1-4 July 2004, Banff, Canada.

A feature selection algorithm based on the global minimization of a generalization error bound
Dori Peleg and Ron Meir
In: NIPS 2004, 13-16 December 2004, Vancouver, Canada.

Decision trees: more theoretical justification for practical algorithms
Amos Fiat and Dmitry Pechyony
In: ALT 2004, 2 - 5 October 2004, Padova, Italy.

Semantic-Oriented 3D Shape Retrieval using Relevance Feedback
George Leifman, Ron Meir and Ayelet Tal
The Visual Computer Volume 21, Number 8-10, 865 -875, 2005. ISSN 0178-2789 (Paper) 1432-2315 (Online)

Neural Activity in Primary Motor Cortex: a System Level Physiological Model
Ehud Trainin, Ron Meir and Amir Karniel
(2005) Technical Report. Technion, Haifa, Israel.

Reinforcement learning, spike time dependent plasticity and the BCM rule
Dorit Baras and Ron Meir
Neural Computation Volume In press, 2006.

Size-Density Spectra and their Application to Image Classifcation
Igor Zingman, Ron Meir and Ran El-Yaniv
Pattern Recognition 2006.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis From Biopsy Images Using Generic Features and SVMs
Alexander Brook, Ran El-Yaniv, Eran Issler, Ron Kimmel, Ron Meir and Dori Peleg
IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine Volume In press, 2007.

An indefinite quadratic formulation for sparse vector optimization
Dori Peleg and Ron Meir
Signal Processing 2006.

Selective Adaptation in Networks of Heterogeneous Populations: Model, Simulation and Experiment
Avner Wallach, Danny Eytan, Shimon Marom and Ron Meir
PLOS Computational Biology 2008.

Bayesian Reinforcement Learning with Gaussian Process Temporal Difference Methods
Yaki Engel, Shie Mannor and Ron Meir
(2008) Technical Report. Technion, Submitted.

A neural network implementing optimal state estimation based on dynamic spike train decoding
Omer Bobrowski, Ron Meir, Shy Shoham and Yonina Eldar
In: NIPS 2007, December 2007, Vancouver, Canada.

Delays and Oscillations in Networks of Spiking Neurons---a Two-Timescale Analysis
Dotan Di Castro, Ron Meir and Irad Yavneh
(2006) Technical Report. Technion, Israel.

A Sparsity Driven Kernel Machine Based on Minimizing a Generalization Error Bound
Dori Peleg and Ron Meir
Pattern Recognition Volume In press, 2008.

Bayesian Filtering in Spiking Neural Networks: Noise, Adaptation, and Multisensory Integration
Omer Bobrowski, Ron Meir and Yonina Eldar
Neural Computation Volume In Press, 2008.

Temporal Difference Based Actor Critic Learning - Convergence and Neural Implementation
Dotan Di Castro, Dmitry Volkinshtein and Ron Meir
(2009) NIPS , Volume 21 , Number 21. MIT Press , United States .

Delayed Feedback Control Requires an Internal Forward Model
Dmitry Volkinshtein and Ron Meir
Systems and Control Letters Volume NA, 2009.

A Convergent Single Time Scale Actor Critic Algorithm
Dotan Di Castro and Ron Meir
A Convergent Single Time Scale Actor Critic Algorithm Volume NA, 2008.

MSE-based analysis of optimal tuning functions predicts phenomena observed in sensory neurons
Steve Yaeli and Ron Meir
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 2010.