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Gradient Flow Convolutive Blind Source Separation
M.S. Pedersen and C.M. Nielsen
In: MLSP 2004, 29 Sep - 01 Oct 2004, São Luìs, Brazil.

On the difference between updating the mixing matrix and updating the separation matrix
Jan Larsen, Ulrik Kjems and Michael Pedersen
Proceedings of ICASSP 2005 2004.

Semi-blind Source Separation Using Head-Related Transfer Functions
Michael Pedersen, Lars Kai Hansen, Ulrik Kjems and Karsten Bo Rasmussen
Proceeings of ICASSP 2004 Volume V, pp. 713-716, 2004.

Overcomplete Blind Source Separation by Combining ICA and Binary Time-Frequency Masking
Michael S. Pedersen, DeLiang Wang, Jan Larsen and Ulrik Kjems
In: MLSP, 28-30 Sep 2005, Mystic, CT, USA.

Source Separation for Hearing Aid Applications
Michael Syskind Pedersen
(2006) PhD thesis, Technical university of Denmark.

Separating Underdetermined Convolutive Speech Mixtures
Michael Pedersen, DeLiang Wang, Jan Larsen and Ulrik Kjems
In: ICA 2006, March 2006, Charleston, SC, USA.

BLUES from Music: BLind Underdetermined Extraction of Sources from Music
Michael S. Pedersen, T. Lehn-Schiøler and Jan Larsen
In: ICA 2006(2005).

A Survey of Convolutive Blind Source Separation Methods
Michael Syskind Pedersen, Jan Larsen, Ulrik Kjems and Lucas C. Parra
In: Springer Handbook on Speech Communication (2007) Springer .

Two-microphone Separation of Speech Mixtures
Michael Syskind Pedersen, DeLiang Wang, Jan Larsen and Ulrik Kjems
IEEE Transactions on neural Networks 2006.