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Learning with incomplete information in the Committee Machine
Urs M Bergmann, Reimer Kuehn and Ion O Stamatescu
Biological Cybernetics Volume 99, pp. 401-410, 2009.

Credit Contagion and Credit Risk
Jonathan P L Hattchett and Reimer Kuehn
Quantitative Finance Volume 9, pp. 372-383, 2009.

Spectra of Modular Random Graphs
Guler Ergun and Reimer Kuehn
Journal of Physics: Math-Gen Volume 42, 395001-(14pp), 2009.

Spectra of Modular and Small-World Matrices
Reimer Kuehn and Jort M van Mourik
Journal of Physics A Volume 44, 2011.

Spectra of Empirical Auto-Covariance Matrices
Reimer Kuehn and Peter Sollich
arXiv:cond-mat.dis-nn Volume 1112.4877v2, 2011.

Derivatives and Credit Contagion in Interconnected Networks
Sebastian Heise and Reimer Kuehn
European Physical Journal B 2011.