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Partially Distribution-Free Learning of Regular Languages from Positive Samples
Alexander Clark and Franck Thollard
In: COLING 2004, 23-27 Augist 2004, Geneva, Switzerland.

Planar Languages and Learnability
Alexander Clark, Christophe Costa Florencio, Chris Watkins and Mariette Serayet
In: International Colloquium on Grammatical Inference, 20-22 September 2006, Tokyo.

PAC-learning unambiguous NTS languages
Alexander Clark
In: International Collquium on Grammatical Inference, 20 -22 September 2006, Tokyo, Japan.

Learning Deterministic Context Free Grammars: The Omphalos Competition
Alexander Clark
Machine Learning 2006.

Languages as Hyperplanes: grammatical inference with string kernels
Alexander Clark, Christophe Costa Florencio and Chris Watkins
In: ECML 2006, 18-22 September 2006, Berlin.

A learnable representation for syntax using residuated lattices
Alexander Clark
In: Conference on Formal Grammar, 25 -26 July 2009, Bordeaux, France.

Another look at indirect negative evidence
Alexander Clark and Shalom Lappin
In: Proceedings of the EACL Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Acquisition, 31 March 2009, Athens, Greece.