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A perturbative approach to novelty detection in autoregressive models
Maurizio Filippone and Guido Sanguinetti
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Volume 59, Number 3, pp. 1027-1036, 2011.

Applying the Possibilistic c-Means Algorithm in Kernel-Induced Spaces
Maurizio Filippone, Francesco Masulli and Stefano Rovetta
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems Volume 18, Number 3, pp. 572-584, 2011.

Approximate inference of the bandwidth in multivariate kernel density estimation
Maurizio Filippone and Guido Sanguinetti
Computational Statistics & Data Analysis Volume 55, Number 12, pp. 3104-3122, 2011.

Information Theoretic Novelty Detection
Maurizio Filippone and Guido Sanguinetti
Pattern Recognition Volume 43, Number 3, pp. 805-814, 2010.

Dealing with non-metric dissimilarities in fuzzy central clustering algorithms
Maurizio Filippone
International Journal of Approximate Reasoning Volume 50, Number 2, pp. 363-384, 2009.

A Survey of Kernel and Spectral Methods for Clustering
Maurizio Filippone, Francesco Camastra, Francesco Masulli and Stefano Rovetta
Pattern Recognition Volume 41, Number 1, pp. 176-190, 2008.

Probabilistic prediction of neurological disorders with a statistical assessment of neuroimaging data modalities
Maurizio Filippone, Andre F. Marquand, Camilla R. V. Blain, Steve C. R. Williams, Janaina Mourão-Miranda and Mark Girolami
Annals of Applied Statistics Volume 6, Number 4, pp. 1883-1905, 2012.