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Von Foerster meets Kohonen - approaches to artificial intelligence, cognitive science and information systems development
Timo Honkela
Kybernetes Volume 34, Number 1/2, pp. 40-53, 2005. ISSN 0368-492X

Comparison of Independent Component Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition in Word Context Analysis
Jaakko Väyrynen and Timo Honkela
In: AKRR'05, International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 15-17 Jun 2005, Espoo, Finland.

Analysis of Interprofessional Collaboration in an Online Learning Environment using Self-Organizing Maps
Ann Russell and Timo Honkela
In: AMKLC'05, International Symposium on Adaptive Models of Knowledge, Language and Cognition, 15 Jun 2005, Espoo, Finland.

Proceedings of the International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptive Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (AKRR'05)
Timo Honkela, Ville Könönen, Matti Pöllä and Olli Simula, ed. (2005) Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, Helsinki University of Technology , Espoo, Finland . ISBN 951-22-7723-9

Modeling anticipatory behavior with self-organizing neural networks
Matti Pöllä and Timo Honkela
In: Computing Anticipatory Systems (CASYS'05), 8-13 Aug 2005, Liege, Belgium.

Adaptive and statistical approaches in conceptual modeling
Timo Honkela, Kevin Hynnä, Krista Lagus and Jaakko Särelä
(2005) Technical Report. Publications in Computer and Information Science, Espoo, Finland.

Philosophical aspects of neural, probabilistic and fuzzy modeling of language use and translation
Timo Honkela
In: IJCNN 2007, 12-17 Aug 2007, Orlando, USA.

Self-organized ordering of terms and documents in NSF awards data
Mikaela Klami and Timo Honkela
In: WSOM 2007, 3-6 September 2007, Bielefeld, Germany.