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An inverse power method for nonlinear eigenproblems with applications in 1-spectral clustering and sparse PCA
Matthias Hein and Thomas Buehler
In: NIPS 2010, Vancouver, Canada(2010).

Getting lost in space: Large sample analysis of the resistance distance,
Ulrike von Luxburg, Agnes Radl and Matthias Hein
In: NIPS 2010, Vancouver, Canada(2010).

Non-parametric regression between general Riemannian manifolds
Florian Steinke, Bernhard Schölkopf and Matthias Hein
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences Volume 3, pp. 527-563, 2010.

Robust sparse recovery with non-negativity constraints
Matthias Hein
Workshop on Signal Processing with Adaptive Sparse Structured Representations (SPARS) 2011.

Beyond Spectral Clustering - Tight Relaxations of Balanced Graph Cuts
Matthias Hein and Simon Setzer
NIPS 2011.

Sparse recovery by thresholded non-negative least squares
Martin Slawski and Matthias Hein
NIPS 2011.