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Supervised and Localized Dimensionality Reduction from Multiple Feature Representations or Kernels
Mehmet Gönen and Ethem Alpaydın
In: NIPS 2010 Workshop: New Directions in Multiple Kernel Learning, 11 Dec 2010, Whistler, Canada.

Multitask Learning Using Regularized Multiple Kernel Learning
Mehmet Gönen, Melih Kandemir and Samuel Kaski
In: 2011 International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP 2011), 14-17 Nov 2011, Shanghai, China.

Combining Data Sources Nonlinearly for Cell Nucleus Classification of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Mehmet Gönen, Aydın Ulaş, Peter Schüffler, Umberto Castellani and Vittorio Murino
In: 1st International Workshop on Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition, 28-30 Sep 2011, Venice, Italy.