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Challenges in Learning the Appearance of Faces for Automated Image Analysis: Part I
Alessandro Verri
In: PASCAL Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning in Computer Vision, 3-5 May 2004, Grenoble.

Statistical Learning Approaches with Application to Face Detection
Emanuele Franceschi, Francesca Odone and Alessandro Verri
In: Summer School on Biometrics 2003, June 2003, Alghero, Italy.

Finding objects with hypothesis testing
Emanuele Franceschi, Francesca Odone, Fabrizio Smeraldi and Alessandro Verri
In: Learning for Adaptable Visual Systems, 22 Aug 2004, Cambridge, UK.

Building kernels from binary strings for image matching
Francesca Odone, Annalisa Barla and Alessandro Verri
IEEE transactions on Image Processing 2005.

A novel kernel method for clustering
Francesco Camastra and Alessandro Verri
IEEE Transaction on PAMI Volume 27, pp. 801-805, 2005.

SVD-matching using SIFT features
Elisabetta Delponte, Francesco Isgro`, Francesca Odone and Alessandro Verri
Graphical Models 2006.

Image classification and retrieval with kernel methods
Francesca Odone and Alessandro Verri
In: Kernel methods in bioengineering signal and image processing (2006) Idea Group Inc , Hershey - London - Melbourne - Singapore .

Trains of keypoints for 3D object recognition
Elise Arnaud, ELisabetta Delponte, Francesca Odone and Alessandro Verri
In: IEEE International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Hong Kong(2006).