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Some Properties of Regularized Kernel Methods
ernesto de vito, lorenzo rosasco, andrea caponnetto, michele piana and alessandro verri
journal of machine learning research Volume 5, pp. 1363-1390, 2004.

Discretization Error Analysis for Tikhonov Regularization in Learning Theory
Ernesto De Vito, Andrea Caponetto and Lorenzo Rosasco
inverse problem 2004.

Learning, Regularization and Ill-Posed Inverse Problems
Lorenzo Rosasco, Andrea Caponnetto, Ernesto De Vito, Umberto De Giovannini and Francesca Odone
In: nips 2004, 13-18 2004, vancouver canada.

Discretization Error Analysis for Tikhonov Regularization
de vito ernesto, rosasco lorenzo and caponnetto andrea
Analysis and Applications Volume Vol. 4, Number 1, 2006.

On Early Stopping in Gradient Descent Learning
yao yuan, rosasco lorenzo and caponnetto andrea
constructive approximation 2005.

On Regularization Algorithms in Learning Theory
f. bauer, s. pereverzev and l. rosasco
journal of complexity 2006.

Spectral Algorithms for Supervised Learning
Laura Lo Gerfo, Lorenzo Rosasco, Francesca Odone, Ernesto De vito and Alessandro Verri
neural computation Volume to appear, 2007.

Adaptive Learning via the Balancing Principle
Ernesto De Vito, Sergei Pereverzev and Lorenzo Rosasco
(2007) preprint.

Dimensionality reduction and generalization
Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco and Alessandro Verri
In: ICML 2007(2007).