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Learned Graphical Models for Probabilistic Planning Provide a New Class of Movement Primitives
Elmar Rückert, Gerhard Neumann, Marc Toussaint and Wolfgang Maass
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience Volume 6, Number 97, 2013. ISSN 1662-5188

A study of Morphological Computation by using Probabilistic Inference for Motor Planning
Elmar Rückert and Gerhard Neumann
In: International Conference on Morphological Computation ICMC 2011, 12-14 Sep 2011, Venice, Italy.

Stochastic Optimal Control Methods for Investigating the Power of Morphological Computation
Elmar Rückert and Gerhard Neumann
Artificial Life Volume 19, Number 1, pp. 115-131, 2012.

Learned Muscle Synergies as Prior in Dynamical Systems for Controlling Bio-mechanical and Robotic Systems
Elmar Rückert and Andrea d'Avella
In: Abstracts of Neural Control of Movement Conference (NCM 2013), 16-20 Apr 2013, Puerto Rico.