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Monte-Carlo Simulation Balancing Applied to 9x9 Go
SShih-Chieh Huang, Rémi Coulom and Shun-Shii Lin
ICGA Journal Volume 33, Number 4, pp. 191-201, 2010. ISSN 1389-6911

Jeux et sports : le problème des classements
Rémi Coulom
Pour la Science Volume 393, pp. 20-27, 2010. ISSN 0153-4092

Time Management for Monte-Carlo Tree Search Applied to the Game of Go
Shih-Chieh Huang, Rémi Coulom and Shun-Shii Lin
In: International Conference on Technologies and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, 19 Nov - 20 Nov, Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

Monte-Carlo Simulation Balancing in Practice
Shih-Chieh Huang, Rémi Coulom and Shun-Shii Lin
In: Computers and Games, Kanazawa, Japan(2010).

Handling Expensive Optimization with Large Noise
Rémi Coulom, Philippe Rolet, Nataliya Sokolovska and Olivier Teytaud
In: FOGA 2011, 5-9 Jan 2011, Schwartzenberg, Austria.

CLOP: Confident Local Optimization for Noisy Black-Box Parameter Tuning
Rémi Coulom
In: Thirteenth Conference on Advances in Computer Games (ACG13), From 2011-11-18 to 2011-11-26, Tilburg, The Netherlands.