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Graph Transduction as a Noncooperative Game
Aykut Erdem and Marcello Pelillo
Neural Computation Volume 24, Number 3, pp. 700-723, 2012.

Structured Class-labels in Random Forests for Semantic Image Labeling
Peter P. Kontschieder, Samuel Rota Bulò, Horst Bischof and Marcello Pelillo
In: ICCV 2011 -- 13th International Conference on Computer Visione, 6 - 13 November 2011, Barcelona, Spain.

Semantic Image Labelling as a Label Puzzle Game
Peter Kontschieder, Samuel Rota Bulò, Michael Donoser, Marcello Pelillo and Horst Bischof
In: BMVC 2011 - The 22nd British Machine Vision Conference, 29 August - 2 September 2011, Dundee, Scotland, UK.

Similarity-Based Pattern Analysis and Recognition -- SIMBAD 2011
Marcello Pelillo and Edwin Hancock, ed. (2011) Lecture Notes in Computer Science , Volume 7005 . Springer , Berlin . ISBN 978-3-642-24470-4

Graph-Based Quadratic Optimization: A Fast Evolutionary Approach
Samuel Rota Bulò, Marcello Pelillo and Immanuel M. Bomze
Computer Vision and Image Understanding Volume 115, Number 7, pp. 984-995, 2011.

Content-Based Image Retrieval with Relevance Feedback Using Random Walks
Samuel Rota Bulò, Massimo Rabbi and Marcello Pelillo
Pattern Recognition Volume 44, Number 9, pp. 2109-2122, 2011.

A Game-Theoretic Approach to Hypergraph Clustering
Samuel Rota Bulo' and Marcello Pelillo
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 2012.

Probabilistic Consensus Clustering using Evidence Accumulation
André Lourenco, Samuel Rota Bulo', Nicola Rebagliati, Ana Fred, Mario Figueiredo and Marcello Pelillo
Machine Learning 2012.

Structured Local Predictors for Image Labelling
Samuel Rota Bulo', Peter Kontschieder, Marcello Pelillo and Horst Bischof
In: CVPR 2012(2012).

Context-Sensitive Decision Forests for Object Detection
Peter Kontschieder, Samuel Rota Bulo', Antonio Criminisi, Pushmeet Kohli, Marcello Pelillo and Horst Bischof
In: NIPS 2012(2012).