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Acquiring entailment pairs across languages and domains: A Data Analysis
Manaal Faruqui and Sebastian Pado
In: IWCS 2011, Oxford, UK(2011).

Ontology-based Distinction between Polysemy and Homonymy
Sebastian Pado and Jason Utt
In: IWCS 2011, Oxford, UK(2011).

Corpus-driven Model of Regular and Inverse Selectional Preferences
Katrin Erk, Sebastian Pado and Ulrike Pado
Computational Linguistics Volume 36, Number 4, pp. 723-763, 2010. ISSN 0891-2017

Exemplar-Based Models for Word Meaning In Context
Katrin Erk and Sebastian Pado
In: ACL 2010, Uppsala, Sweden(2010).

Cross-lingual Induction of Selectional Preferences with Bilingual Vector Spaces
Yves Peirsman and Sebastian Pado
In: NAACL 2010, Los Angeles(2010).

A Structured Vector Space Model for Hidden Attribute Meaning in Adjective-Noun Phrases
Matthias Hartung and Anette Frank
In: COLING 2010, Beijing, China(2010).

Computing EM-based Alignments of Routes and Route Directions as a Basis for Natural Language Generation
Michael Roth and Anette Frank
In: COLING 2010, Beijing, China(2010).

Identifying Generic Noun Phrases
Nils Reiter and Anette Frank
In: ACL 2010, Uppsala, Sweden(2010).

Assessing the Challenge of Fine-grained Named Entity Recognition and Classification
Asif Ekbal, Eva Sourjikova, Anette Frank and Simone Ponzetto
In: Named Entities Workshop 2010, Uppsala, Sweden(2010).

Semantic relations in bilingual lexicons
Yves Peirsman and Sebastian Pado
ACM Transactions in Speech and Language Processing Volume 8, Number 2, pp. 1-21, 2011.

Proceedings of the ACL 2011 workshop on relational models of semantics
Su Nam Kim, Zornitsa Kozareva, Preslav Nakov, Diarmuid O'Seaghdha, Sebastian Pado and Stan Szpakowicz, ed. (2011) Association for Computational Linguistics , Portland, Oregon, USA .

Proceedings of the TextInfer 2011 workshop on textual entailment
Sebastian Pado and Stefan Thater, ed. (2011) Association for Computational Linguistics , Edinburgh, Scottland, UK .

Proceedings of the GEMS 2011 workshop on geometrical models of natural language semantics
Sebastian Pado and Yves Peirsman, ed. (2011) Association for Computational Linguistics , Edinburgh, UK .

I thou thee, thou traitor: predicting formal vs. informal address in english literature
Manaal Faruqui and Sebastian Pado
In: 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, Portland, Oregon, USA(2011).

Generalized event knowledge in logical metonymy resolution
Alessandra Zarcone and Sebastian Pado
In: Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, Boston, MA, USA(2011).

Dependency-based answer validation for German
Svitlana Babych, Alexander Henn, Jan Pawellek and Sebastian Pado
In: CLEF 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands(2011).

Soundex-based translation correction in Urdu-English cross-language information retrieval
Manaal Faruqui, Prasenjit Majumder and Sebastian Pado
In: Fifth International Workshop On Cross Lingual Information Access, Chiang Mai, Thailand(2011).

Phrase table support for human translation
Matthias Hartung, Gerhard Kremer, Sebastian Pado and Stefan Riezler
In: GSCL 2011(2011).

A set of semantic norms for German and Italian
Gerhard Kremer and Marco Baroni
Behavior Research Methods Volume 43, Number 1, pp. 97-109, 2011.

Multi-task minimum error rate training for SMT
Patrick Simianer, Katharina Wäschle and Stefan Riezler
The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics Number 96, 2011.

Improved answer ranking in social question-answering portals
Felix Hieber and Stefan Riezler
In: 3rd International Workshop on Search and Mining User-generated Contents (SMUC 2011), Glasgow, Scotland, UK(2011).

Exploring supervised LDA models for assigning attributes to adjective-noun phrases
Matthias Hartung and Anette Frank
In: Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2011), Edinburgh, UK(2011).

Assessing interpretable, attribute-related meaning representations for adjective-noun phrases in a similarity prediction task
Matthias Hartung and Anette Frank
In: GEometrical Models of Natural Language Semantics (GEMS-2011), Edinburgh, UK(2011).

Adapting NLP tools and frame-semantic resources for the semantic analysis of ritual descriptions
Nils Reiter, Oliver Hellwig, Anette Frank, Irina Gossmann, Borayin Maitreya Larios, Julio Rodrigues and Britta Zeller
Language Technology for Cultural Heritage 2011.

Extending semantic relation classification to presupposition relations between verbs
Galina Tremper and Anette Frank
In: DGfS Workshop: Beyond Semantics: Corpus-based investigations of pragmatic and discourse phenomena, Göttingen, Germany(2011).

Modeling spatial knowledge for generating verbal and visual route directions
Stephanie Schuldes, Katarina Boland, Michael Roth, Michael Strube, Susanne Krömker and Anette Frank
In: 15th Annual KES Conference(2011).

Semantic annotation for the digital humanities: using Markov logic networks for annotation consistency control
Anette Frank, Thomas Bögel, Nils Reiter and Oliver Hellwig
Linguistic Issues in Language Technologies Volume 7, Number 8, 2012.

Corpus-Based Acquisition of Support Verb Constructions for Portuguese
Britta Zeller and Sebastian Pado
In: PROPOR 2012, 17-20 Apr 2012, Coimbra, Portugal.

Towards a model of formal and informal address in English
Manaal Faruqui and Sebastian Pado
In: EACL 2012, 23-27 Apr 2012, Avignon, France.

French and German corpora for audience-based text type classification
Todriascu Amalia, Sebastian Pado, Max Kisselew, Jennifer Krisch and Ulrich Heid
In: LREC 2012, Istanbul, Turkey(2012).

LODifier: Generating linked data from unstructured text
Isabelle Augenstein, Sebastian Pado and Sebastian Rudolph
In: ESWC 2012, Heraklion, Greece(2012).

Inferring covert events in logical metonymies: a probe recognition experiment
Alessandra Zarcone, Alessandro Lenci and Sebastian Pado
In: CogSci 2012, Sapporo, Japan(2012).

Regular polysemy: a distributional model
Gemma Boleda, Sebastian Pado and Jason Utt
In: *SEM 2012, Montreal, Canada(2012).

Corpus-based acquisition of German event- and object-denoting nouns
Stefan Gorzitze and Sebastian Pado
In: KONVENS 2012, Vienna, Austria(2012).

Automatic identification of motion verbs in WordNet and FrameNet
Parvin Sadat Feizabadi and Sebastian Pado
In: KONVENS 2012, Vienna, Austria(2012).

A distributional memory for German
Jason Utt and Sebastian Pado
In: KONVENS 2012 workshop on lexical-semantic resources and applications(2012).

Modeling covert event retrieval in logical metonymy: probabilistic and distributional accounts
Alessandra Zarcone, Jason Utt and Sebastian Pado
In: CMCL 2012, Montreal, Canada(2012).

Statistical machine translation support improves human adjective translation
Gerhard Kremer, Matthias Hartung, Sebastian Pado and Stefan Riezler
Translation: Computation, Corpora, Cognition Volume 2, Number 1, 2012.

Semantics in computational lexicons
Anette Frank and Sebastian Pado
In: Handbook of Semantics (2012) Mouton de Gruyter .