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Correction Queries and Language Learning
Cristina Tirnauca
In: Language as a Complex System: Interdisciplinary Approaches (2010) Cambridge Scholars Publishing , England , pp. 151-196. ISBN 1-4438-1762-7

Necessary and sufficient conditions for learning with correction queries
Cristina Tirnauca and Satoshi Kobayashi
Theoretical Computer Science Volume 410, Number 47-49, pp. 5145-5157, 2009.

Correction Queries in Active Learning
Cristina Tirnauca
In: Scientific Applications of Language Methods (2010) Imperial College Press .

A survey of state merging strategies for DFA identification in the limit.
Cristina Tirnauca
Triangle: Language, Literature, Computation Volume 8, pp. 121-136, 2012. ISSN 2013-939X

New bounds for the query complexity of an algorithm that learns DFAs with correction and equivalence queries
Victor Mitrana and Cristina Tirnauca
Acta Informatica Volume 48, Number 1, pp. 43-50, 2011. ISSN 0001-5903

Types of trusted information that make DFA identification with correction queries feasible
Cristina Tirnauca and Catalin Ionut Tirnauca
In: 15th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata, 12-15 August 2010, Winnipeg, Canada.

Closed-set-based discovery of representative association rules revisited.
José Balcázar and Cristina Tirnauca
In: Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances, 25-28 Jan 2011, Brest, France.

Filtering association rules with negations on the basis of their confidence boost
José Balcázar, Cristina Tirnauca and Marta E. Zorilla
In: International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Information Retrieval (KDIR 2010), 25-28 Oct 2010, Valencia, Spain.

Border algorithms for computing Hasse diagrams of arbitrary lattices.
José Balcázar and Cristina Tirnauca
In: ICFCA 2011, 2-6 May 2011, Nicosia, Cyprus.