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Expectation Propagation on the Maximum of Correlated Normal Variables
Philipp Hennig
Technical Report, arXiv Volume Stat:ML, Number 0910.0115, 2009.

Coherent Inference on Optimal Play in Game Trees
Philipp Hennig, David Stern and Thore Graepel
Journal of Machine Learning Research Volume W&CP, Number 9, pp. 326-333, 2010.

Using an infinite von Mises-Fisher Mixture Model to Cluster Treatment Beam Directions in External Radiation Therapy
Mark Bangert, Philipp Hennig and Uwe Oelfke
In: ICMLA 2010 (Intl. Conference on Machine Learning and Applications), 12-14 Dec. 2010, Washington, D.C., USA.

Fast Inference in Conditional Topic Models
Philipp Hennig, David Stern, Thore Graepel and Ralf Herbrich
In: ICML 2011, Jun 28 - Jul 2 2011, Bellevue, Washington, USA.

Approximate Inference in Graphical Models
Philipp Hennig
(0011) PhD thesis, University of Cambridge.